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Visiting researcher (PhD candidate in the Wu Lab, University of Geneva)

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My Background

I received a bachelor's degree in biology from International Christian University in Japan, followed by a master's degree in life medical science from Yokohama City University. During my master's thesis research conducted at RIKEN, I investigated the structure-function relationship of a new class of long non-coding RNAs that enhance the translation of targeted genes using cultured cells. To understand how RNAs function within organisms, I joined Pei-Hsuan Wu lab at the University of Geneva. I joined the Luisier lab as a visiting member to start collaboration on the bioinformatic aspects of my research. 

My Research Interests

I am broadly interested in gene regulation mediated by RNA. I focus on understanding the role of paternal RNAs in embryogenesis and the roles of 3' UTR in sperm RNA.

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